Chislehurst Rocks prides itself on showcasing the very best local artists, both emerging and established. So we were thrilled to announce a new addition this year, the Chislehurst Society Community Stage. Providing a platform for local performers, school bands and choirs and performing arts schools, there was a wide range of talent and genres on offer. This initiative was only possible thanks to the very generous sponsorship of The Chislehurst Society, to whom we are indebted. 


Community Stage 1pm

Coopers School have 6 steel pan bands of students from Years 7 - 11. Steel Pan bands have been performing at the school for nearly 3 years, and have performed at a variety of local and national music festivals. Last year the most experienced steel pan band achieved 4th place at the national Classorama steel pan festival, which was a huge achievement!

This year they are going on a music tour to Lake Garda, where they will be performing at our first international music festival as well as entertaining the locals in towns around Lake Garda. They are also very much looking forward to our excursions to Venice and Gardaland! They have been working hard to raise money through performances and social enterprise work, and have nearly reached their funding target this year. They hope you enjoy their performances!


Community Stage 2pm

Established in 2009 as Zebadee Performing Arts and now reborn as Harlequins Theatre School, at Harlequins they know that every student is on an individual journey to success. Whether they join Harlequins as a hobby or to pursue a career in performing arts, the dedicated professionals will ensure each student achieves their full potential. The emphasis is on fun, meeting new friends and nurturing talent. They run classes for children aged 2 to 16 with over 200 students being taught each week.

Harlequins will perform songs from Bollywood and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Chislehurst Rocks is thrilled to have these talented youngsters returning to perform.


Community Stage 2:40pm

The choir has been going for 5 years under the leadership of music teacher, Mrs McGarry, and has gone from strength to strength. The children have won numerous first place awards in local competitions, such as the Bromley Festival of Music and Speech. Made up of children aged 7 – 11, each child has shown a particular gift and passion for singing, which is evident in their performances. The choir sings in 3 and sometimes 4 part harmony and enjoy a range of styles from madrigal to musical theatre to pop. Red Hill Chamber Choir are very excited to be performing some of their songs at Chislehurst Rocks this year.


Community Stage 3:20pm

Edgebury School Choir is under the leadership of teacher Chloe McNeely and made up of children 7-11 years old. The choir has a very inclusive policy and is available to any child who wants to sing. The Choir is looking forward to performing at Chislehurst Rocks this year.



Community Stage 3:50pm

Popchoir was started by Helen Hampton to give people somewhere to sing the kind of music they were joining in with on the radio. 

The fun rehearsals, infectious songs and the chance to get involved with some exciting performances means the full choir is now 400 strong. Our own Chislehurst branch of Popchoir is four years old and members come from all around the local area each Monday night in term time to practice. 

Chislehurst Rocks is delighted to be inviting Popchoir back for another stunning performance of their take on pop songs.

If you think you might like to get involved, there are a number of taster session evenings each term where you can see what rehearsals are like. You don't need to read music or audition - just be prepared for a fun and enjoyable evening. 

Or if you'd like to hear the full choir in all its breathtaking splendour, all ten Popchoir branches get together next for their Electric Brixton gig on 6 July. 

You can get more details on the choir, the Chislehurst branch and future performances at their website


Community Stage 4:30pm

All The Arts Theatre School was founded in 2003 to provide professional, affordable training for children ages 3 years and upwards in all aspects of the performing arts. What began as a small class in a church hall, has now grown into one of the most successful theatre schools in Greater London. They train over 500 children each week in the disciplines of Drama, Singing and Dancing throughout Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich.

All The Arts have been a fantastic contributor to Chislehurst Rocks over the years and we welcome them back in 2017.



Community Stage from 5pm

We continue the live music into the evening with acoustic singer/ song writers and musicians from our local talent group. You may know some of them from music nights at the Imperial Arms in Chislehurst.

Our compere for the day is Daniel Russell. He’s the coordinator for a performance group which has around 130 members. They are all passionate about live music and the fun it can give, and want more people to become involved. By coordinating sessions at different venues, the group aims to promote the local live music scene as widely as possible.

Acts to include Tom Monks, Cavan Murray, James Hodder, Sam Winston, Maple Road, Reece Devaney, Harrison J Bodnar, Frankie Swain, Casual Lie and Matthew Whiting.